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Their   kitchen-ware   Is   mainly    pottery.     Allurninium

and plates, aad a few  vessels are   found  IB almost all


There are two brass pitchers and four steel piichers in the

village.    Steel plates are used by five households.

11.    Health:

The diet of the Gadabas Is devoid of nutrients. All the

members, except the families of the few who enjoy salaried

employment, are enaemlc. Many of them are afflicted with fever

and general sickness. The village doctor gives medical treatment.

He does not charge much fees. He prescribes medicines. They

should buy the medicines In the medical shops of Bobbili. The

medicines are also cheap.

In serious illness, they are obliged to visit private or

Government doctors, but the expenses are heavy. Gadipalll

Narayana Rao who fell chronically ill underwent medical treat-

ment at Visakfiapatnam, and has not completely recovered even

after 2 years although he spent Rs. 4.000/   and is BOW a ruined

person. la another case also, the medical expenditure was

Rs. I,Q00/  for treatment of prolonged illness. On the whole II

families resort to the Government Hospital for medical treatment

of major illnesses : the treatment is said to be free, though if is not,

and medicines prescribed by the Government doctor are usually

costly. At present 6 patients of fever are under medical treatment.

The fever Is suspected to be malaria.

12.    Conclusion :

A study of the social and economic conditions of the

Gadabas of Raja Cheruvu Valasa shows their structural maladjust-

ment with the economy of the plains. So long as they do not

diversity their occupations and learn special skills appropriate to

each, it would not be possible to raise their economic status above

the poverty line.

The Gadabas should make full use of the elementary

school which is at their door-step. Children who pass 5th

standard, can, at no cost, get high school and collegiate and

professional education in Bobbili itself. They should use these,